Monday, January 19, 2009

The Trip Of A LIfetime

I'll be try to be brief. Let's see, on the metro going to the Library of Congress, we met out tour guide, who let us follow him to the Library, then took us through the tunnels underneath to get from on building to another. The tour was great. Then we went to The National Arcives which were relatively empty and saw the Declaration of Indepence, Bill of Rights and Constitution. Saw many interesting documents and objects. Then, after lunch, we decided to go to the Spy museum, which was very interesting. I liked the 2nd half, Vince liked the first.

Afterwards, we were very tired, it was dark, I wanted to head back to the hotel, but my mom insisted we head to the Lincoln Memorial to see it at night. It was very cold but Vince and walked along. Then, jsut as we passed teh Washington Momument, we heard James Taylor. "oh, they're testing out the speakers", I thought. Then, as we walked further, I started to hear U2. Okay, seeing how rock/pop sounds. I look up at the Jumbotrons around the Pool, and I see Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry all bundled up playng with US Flags in background. "OMG! It's them rehearsing!". Whe I told my mom it's U2, she looked at me puzzled. Then she saw Bono and said
There's Bono". "Yeah, mom like I said U2". "Oh, he's part of a music group?". "Yes, mom and they are aas big as the Beatles to people around my age and they're playing right now!". "WALK FASTER PLEASE, I've never seen them live, nor, did I ever think I would." This conversation occurred while we were walking, by the way.

Thought we'd never make it, but we did make it to see then run through they're program of 2 songs, two times and it was awesome!

The next day we were at the We Are Once Concert! Fantactic! Posted pictures of all this on Facebook and will get a flickr album soon.

Oh, and I got to see Jerry Seinfelds "Puffy Shirt" and Steven Colbert's Portrait with a portrait. Now there's some real pieces of history!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Wintering All Across The Nation

This was my first flight all the way across the Lower 48. And, I was very surprised to see the landscape all the way across the country covered in snow.

Chicago (the last photo) was -1 degrees today. It took a few minutes for me to realize I was looking at Lake Michigan and not more snow covered land.

Its so nice to see Anchorage isn't the only place Wintering, even if they're doing it just for a little while.

I also found the landscape changes real fascinating. From the Cascades to the Rockies, then the flat Heartland, or as my governor likes to call it "Real America", and then comes the hills of the Appalachians, which compared to the flatness of the plains, looked like the wrinkles on the face of a long time California/Florida sun worshiper's face and then the Ridges that occur just before we hit DC. These ridges looked like a deflated accordion.

As we flew over Virginia, I could almost imagine the battles for our freedoms that occurred on these lands. Then we were over DC and seeing the Mall as we came in was just amazing to see. So much history here on this coast. Just over whelming for this West Coast girl. No pictures of this though, because you're not allowed to have any electronics out while landing and Vince caught me trying to take my camera out. Also, if you get out of your seat during the landing process you could be considered a security risk.

We have old building in California, but they're history is Spanish/Mexican history.

Tomorrow we're off to the Library of Congress, Union Square for lunch and then who knows what else. I'm sure I'll have pictures of the Mall today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Ready for DC, travel knitting, frenzy knitting, & the Bean Sprout update

I think I may have mitten fever. Did these over Winter Break, when I realized I just didn't like my other felted mittens. The pinkish color didn't felt well, which I was concerned about since it was on the lighter side. Oh well. Taking these to DC with me should the temperatures continue to stay "cold".

Shortly, before finishing these, my mother-inlaw asked me for one of my "diva caps" in blue. So I just had to go and buy more yarn for the job. My husband actually asked me why I had to buy more yarn when I have 3 crates full of yarn. He should know better than to ask.

After giving him a quick eye roll, off to Far North Yarn I ran. And, in addition to buying some Vero, I finally bought a skein of Noro Kureyon. No project for this yarn yet, but I've always been intrigued by it and so many see to love it.

I only have the brim to finish on my mother-inlaws hat. But, of course, knitters ADD has started. As I started packing for my DC trip, I realized I did not have a set of mittens that matched any of the hats I'm bringing along.

I decided to start knitting mittens for my good old diva cap from last year since I still have almost a whole skein. Finished one mitten, except for the thumb last night and started the next one this afternoon. Using a very easy mitten pattern, but since I wanted it to be diva-ish, I am using some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky. Hope to finish tonight before we leave as I plan on finishing my mother-inlaws hat as part of my travel knitting and then work on

my Maui Monkey socks the rest of the trip.

Why, oh why have I decided on such a deadline.

Well, back to knitting these mittens and who knows, maybe I'll knit a pair to go with my Obama Hat.

I'm bringing my laptop to DC and will try and post some pictures while we're there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little Bean Sprout

I never thought, as Ian proudly carried this paper cup with a small sprouting lima bean on the last day before break, that we would enjoy so much watching it grow into something during this very cold Winter Break. We'd even dropped it as we were heading out of the building and, hastily, put it and as much dirt as I could scrap up, back into the cup.

Now, every morning Ian and I give it a little water and check. New surprises every day. A little reminder that winter isn't forever, that spring is coming, that the grass will once again reappear and that maybe this is the year Ian and I will have a small garden.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Broken New Year Resolution

Oh well, took me less then 12 hours to break it. What was I to do? I had a crab leg left from the night before (we'd hit the $8.99/lb sale on Crab at Carrs) and most the ingredients to make hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict. I even had a bottle of champagne from New Years and orange juice for a Mimosa. Had to do it. Can't waste the crab or champagne, both of which go bad quickly. I didn't have any english muffins so I used an extra slice of hawaian french toast I'd made for the boys and voila another ruined resolution. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.