Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alaskan's For Truth Rally-Saturday, Sept. 27

What a great showing at the rally today. Lot's of positive support from the passing cars. I'd say at least 80% positive. Interestingly, the most negative was from a beat-up old passenger van with a family, of at least 8 young children, whose parents were yelling at us as they drove by. Had a few bumper stickers that reflect their view of the world. One can only hope that man treats his wife and children better.

This rally was to demand that the Palin Administration co-operate with the State Legislative Council's Probe and stop all the lies that have begun to sprout up since Palin was nominated as McCain's VP choice.

Some of the lies include: The State Legislative Council is a group of paritsan Democrats and that Walt Monegan was fired for poor job performance.

The truth: The State Legislative Council is a bi-partisan committee (8 Republicans and 4 Democrats) that voted unanimously to conduct the investigation. Walt Monegan has a record of 30 years of exemplary public servie to the State f Alaska, including his role of Com. of Public Safety.

Our State Attorney General, Talis Colberg, on advice of the McCain campaign, has filed suit to quash legislative subpoenas. This is an attempt by Colberg to protect himself from blatant and p9ossibly illegal intrusion into the legislative investigation, and to furthermore prevent the release of the report.

I carpooled with one of my great like-minded neighbor's and her families chickens. These are very pampered chickens and did real well at the rally. I'm pretty sure between all the news organizations that video'd or took pictures, they'll be famous chickens, too.

With my sign, I did have a friendly discussion, with a young man, who felt my sign may have been unfair to Sarah, since he believes it's not Sarah doing the cover-up, but actually McCain's Campaign. My reply, was that if he's right about the cause of the cover-up, then shouldn't Sarah live up to her values and stop the meddling and allow her supoena'd staff to speak to the State Legislative Council. He reluctantly nodded his head yes.

Probabally the most touching part was when Walt Monegan's mother, choking back tears, thanked the crowd for coming and showing support for her son. She helped to remind us that reason we were there was the injustice towards her son, a good man, and a good cop who really wants to make a difference with our public safety. Believe me, Alaska needs it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hope in Alaska

Not talking about the town of Hope.

I saw this license plate on a familar car. His previous license plate was 86 43. 86-fire 43-43th president, George W. Bush. Took me a few times seeing it to figure it out. I guess the car owner is going for a more positive message of hope, this time.
Though, I do wish we'd 86'd 43.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Niece With New Hat & Gloves

Here's an adorable picture of my niece, Kayla, and her new gloves & Diva Hat. She wore them to school, in sunny California, yesterday. She turned 7 today. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Sarah, really, you're kidding me, that's not funny!

Okay, I haven't posted in a while. Let's just say, I'm a little obessed with the current election. I have been glued to the Knitters for Obama group at Ravelry, since hearing that the governor of my state, Sarah Palin, has been chose John Mccain as his VP. I have only managed to finish knitting the last fingerless glove for my niece and sent the them off without taking any pictures.

The whole Sarah thing really comes as a shock to me. Did McCain pick her to get the women's vote? Are we really that simple that we vote for the woman, not the issues? Apparently, some women do, as I discovered in some of my conversations with other Alaska women. The fact that she really doesn't stand for many of the women's issues that women have fought for, doesn't seem to sway them. It's all about having the same body parts, not how to make sure we can take good care of our body parts, i.e. health care, the economy, a woman's right to choose.

Some people seem to be using the fact that Sarah was/is a popular governor as a reason that she's great, but let me remind you readers(wagging my finger "Sarah Style"), that the Alaska Republican's have renominated Ted Stevens in the primary elections to run as US Senator, a man currently under indictment by the Federal Government. And, then there's Don Young, who appears to have been renominated as the republican candidate for US House, having edged out Sarah's Second in Command, Sean Parnell. Please don't use the people up here as a barometer as to what makes a great leader. We vote for the guy/gal who gets us the most money

But there is hope.....

Last weekend, there was a "Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally", and here's a few pictures a neighbor of mine took. Read the story at the link.

I live on a great street in Anchorage. Lot's of political signs on our little street, none for Stevens, Young or McCain on this block. Several of my neighbors were at this rally. Have to remember to have block party next summer! Especially, since we will all be celebrating our new Democratic Senator, Mark Begich, our new Democratic US Representative, Ethan Berkowitz and our new President, Barack Obama. Hey, a lady can dream.