Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sea Otters in Seward

Forgot to mention the sea otters floating around near Lowell Point.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day Trip to Seward

Decided to take a little road trip to Seward today. Seward is about a 2 hour scenic drive from Anchorage. No that's not my car. Were you getting jealous? I really like the sunglasses or are they safety glasses? I guess the fake wood paneling didn't dress this classic car up enough.

We headed down to go to the Seward Sealife Center. The boys love to watch Woody, the very large Bull Stellar Seal, pictured below, and say hi to Chloe, who is usually at the Alaska Zoo, here in Anchorage. We found out that last summer, Chloe, pictured above on the blue, became a mother while at the Sealife Center. Her son isn't going back to the zoo with her, once her new home is finished getting renovated, but will be coming back with another youngster, pictured being hand fed by a trainer, that could someday be her mate.

On the way down we saw Beluga whales and several bald eagles. On the ride back we were able to see a gianormous Bore Tide coming down through Turnagain Arm. Very cool! Wish I could of taped the sounds of this bore tide. It makes the swallowing swoosh sound of a large ocean wave never getting to crash onto the shore. A truly intimidating sound. Shortly after this, we saw a very large pod of belugas, who were taking advantage of the incoming tide, to make their way back down the arm, in search for hooligan.

Days like today are a healthy reminder of why I moved here and why I stay.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Bear Warning Sign

A friend sent this to me with the title "Sign in Canada". Not sure if it's real, but with all the bad bear activity in Anchorage right know, it's pretty accurate.

There was a bear attack on Friday near the area I'd ridden with Ak Dirt Divas. We were in a loud group, which usually deters/spooks bears away, so we made extra sure to stay together on the ride and were very loud, including the bear bells and even a pepper spray with one biker.

At one point in our ride we had to make a route change after another biker had seen the sow and 2 cubs that have been in that area, and were responsible for an attack several weeks ago. This sow is believed to be the same one that attacked again on Friday.

It appears this bear does not have much longer for this world. Hopefully, a new bear won't take her place next year!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Team Alaska-Ravelympics

Just getting ready to start the Team Alaska- Gift Knit Pentathalon. Had to make a quick run to Far North Yarn Co. for a yarn change, 2 hours before the start. The Classic Elite Lush is just to fuzzy for a child. I think my niece would have a a tickly nose with all that angora. Ended up grabbing the Aran-Kathmandu, in a pink heather.

Well, back to getting ready!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A More Serious Warning Sign

Here's a warning sign, I took a picture of last Wedneday while riding with The Alaska Dirt Diva's
last Wednesday. Believe me, it made us all nervous, but since we in a large, loud (singing & ringing bells), we pressed on. Here's a link to a blog about our ride link.

My Favorite Olympic Caliber Team Of All Times

The Men's Synchronized Swim Team. Truly one of the most dedicated teams in Synchro history.

PS. While I was looking up the video on the internet late last night, Harry Shearer showed up on the Craig Ferguson's Late Show. Very weird coincidence.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Even Dogs Have to Learn to Swim-Camping at Eklutna Lake

These are my dogs, Arlo (red) and Betty (blue/black), swimming at Eklutna lake this weekend. We haven't done much camping this summer, with all the rain and poor weather, so when the forecast looked slightly promising this weekend, we decided to head out to Eklutna Lake with our neighbors and camp Friday and Saturday night.

Eklutna lake is a nice campground for families, because of the really nice bike trail to the back of the lake. My family has ridden it at least once every year, for the past 6 years. The scenery is so beautiful the whole way and other then one little section of roots and mud, it's a fairly non-technical trail.

Another highlight, is of course the lake itself. We've been to the lake when the weather was actually warm enough to wade in the chilly, glacial water. Many choose to canoe or kayak in the lake, before the winds kick in, in the afternoons. This lake is definately one that, no matter how strong of a swimmer you are, you should wear a life vest. The water is that cold!

So, my 3 year old Aus. Cattledog, loves to swim. I'd dare to say that he loves to swim and retrieve as much as most Laboradors. Since we usually head out on a fairly long bike ride that would be too long for the dogs to run along with us, we like to get him a little exercise, swimming or bike with him around the campground, before we go out riding.

This year was Betty's (1 1/2 years old and also a Cattledog) second summer and, since she hasn't had much time in the water, she was busy learning to swim, while trying to follow Arlo into the water. She hasn't quite figured it out yet, and people on the beach found it very amusing watching her "swim". Arlo "swam" this way at first also but did eventually learn to plane out on the water.

The end results,
two very tired Cattledogs.