Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Ready for the Olympics

Looking forward to once again being a member of Team Alaska for this years Winter Olympics. For the 2006 Winter Olympics, I decided to knit my very first pair of socks, many pairs later, I've decided I would challenge myself with my first toe-up Two-at-a-Time socks on one long cable.

I've done one other pair of toe up socks, the Boyfriend Socks by Slippedstitch, and they were not only fun to knit, but comfortable to wear.

A few of the advantages to knitting toe-up are being able to size then to our foot as you knit, not having to do the Kirchner Stitch (requires no interuptions, lol), and you can use all/most of your expensive sock yarn! I hate waste.

After much searching for the right pattern, I think I've finally settled on using is from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 Issue. On-Your-Toes Socks

Why not just do the Boyfriend Socks again, since I loved them so much? Well, first off they require cable needles and not sure I want to add that into the mix with the other challenges, and, also, I'm using a yarn that I already have (must decrease my stash!) and it's a self striping yarn that would drown out the cables. Bummer after all that work. I wanted a pattern with some sort of ribbing, because I think ribbing makes the socks more "stretchy" and comfortable than a basic sock.

The Yarn I'm using is Trekking (XXL) by Zitron. I've done the gauge and adjusted the pattern using the Toe-Up Sock Guide included in the magazine. I hope to get a few practice runs in with the cast-on they suggested or I may end up using Judy's Magic Cast-On, that I used for the Boyfriend Socks pattern.

I also have a previous engagement during the opening games, so my plan is to TIVO the opening and stay up late, real late, and then cast-on. Let the games begin!