Friday, October 3, 2008

Watching the VP Debate at Bear Tooth Theater

I had the privilege to watch the VP Debate at The Bear Tooth Theater Pub. A friend of mine made this video of the reactions we Alasan's had while watching. Though the tickets were free to anyone, there seemed to be many more Obama people than there were McCain people. It was nice to be in such a large group of people (there's more seating upbove) that also could see beyond Sarah's "folksie charm".

After the debate, which was hosted by The UAA Debate Team, there was an opportunity for people to come up and speak about their candidate. We were a little light on the Mccain/Palin side, but it was interesting to hear the few that were brave enough to speak. Here's some video.

Todays paper had pictures of local McCain supporters at The Peanut Farm (a block from The Bush Company) and McGinley's Irish Pub (owned by a local Republican Politician). The Peanut Farm is a favorite of the "Joe Six-Pack" crowd, wink wink. Oh you betcha!

Here's two more videos from my friend from the two recent rally's.